Lakes, p.xiv.

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   The lakes of Scotland are very numerous, and, in many instances, are large, and singularly rich in scenery. The principal, for extent or scenic attractions, are Ken, drained by a cognominal stream, the chief affluent of the southern Dee; Skene, 1,300 feet above sea-level, drained by a remote tributary of the Annan, forming the magnificent cataract called the Grey-Mare’s-Tail; St. Mary’s- Loch, and the Loch of the Lows, drained by the classic Yarrow, a remote affluent of the Tweed; Doon, drained by its cognominal stream; Lomond, drained by the western Leven, the tributary of the Clyde; Leven and Glin, drained by the eastern Leven; Conn and Ard, drained by the Forth; Katrine, Achray, Vennachoir, Voil, and Lubnaig, drained by the Teith, the chief affluent of the Forth; Tay, Earn, Lydoch, Ericht, Rannoch, Tummel, Garry, Lows, Cluny, and Quiech, drained by the Tay and its affluents; Loch-Lee, drained by the North-Esk; Awe, Avick, Shiell, and Eck, south of the central mountain-range, and near the west coast; Laggan, Ouchan, and Treag, drained by the Spean; Lochie and Archaig, drained by the Lochie into Loch-Eil; Oich and Garry, drained by the Ness into the Beauly frith; Duntalliak, drained by the Nairn; Ruthven and Ashley, drained into Loch-Ness; Maree, Fuir, Shallag, Fannich, Rusk, Luichart, Monar, Glas, Moir, and Slin, in Ross-shire; and Shin, Naver, Furan, Baden, Loval, and More, in Sutherland. The area in square miles, of 26 of the principal, is respectively of Lomond, 45; Ness, 30; Awe, 30; Shin, 25; Maree, 24; Tay, 20; Archaig, 18; Shiell, 16; Lochy, 15; Laggan, 12; Morrer, 12; Fannich, 10; Ericht, 10; Naver, 9; Earn, 9; Rannoch, 8; Stennis, 8; Leven, 7; Ken, 6; Lydoch, 6; Fuir, 6; Loyal, 6; Katrine, 5; Glas, 5; Doon, 4½; and Luichart, 3. All are mountain or hill lakes; and all, with very few exceptions, are embosomed in the Highlands. 

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