The Buffalo, p.8.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

IS, for the most part, like the bull, but smaller in size. His hair is deep and harsh, like that of a bear: his skull is so hard and thick, that the Seythians make of it breast-plates, which no dart can pierce through. He is a native of most parts of the torrid zone, and almost of all warm climates. In the tropical countries, he is perfectly domestic, and most useful for many purposes, being an animal of patience and great strength. When employed in the labours of agriculture, he has a brass ring put through his nose, by which means he is led at pleasure. The Buffaloes are common in Italy, where they were brought from India in the sixth century. He is mostly valued for his hide; whereof, in several countries, and especially in England, military belts, coats, and other implements of war are made. 

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