The Jackall, pp.4-5.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

COMMONLY called the lion’s provider, is not much bigger than the fox, whom he resembles in the appearance of the fore part of his body. His skin is of a bright yellow colour. – The Jackalls often unite to attack their prey, and make a most hideous noise, which, rousing the king of the forests from his slumbers, brings him to the place of food and plunder: at his arrival, the petty thieves, awed by the greater strength of their new messmate, retire to a distance; and hence the fabulous story of their attendance on the lion, to provide for his food. – These animals are always seen in large flocks to the number of two hundred; and hunt, like hounds, in full cry, from evening till morning. In want of prey, they dig the dead out of their tombs, and feed greedily on the putrid corpses. They are common in Cilicia, and other parts of Asia Minor. 

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