The Lynx, p.30.

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THE perspicuity of this animal’s eye has long been proverbial, but without any foundation; he belongs to the feline kind; is of a cinereous colour, tinged with red, and marked with dusky spots; and on both sides of his nose there are four of those spots set in order; his ears are upright and pointed like those of a cat; his skin is much esteemed for its beautiful fur, and the species, which is now very scarce in Europe, is still found in America, but of less size. Ancient poets have harnessed him to the car of Bacchus, with panthers and leopards. He moves with a great deal of swiftness, and, when tamed, shews tender marks of affection to his keeper. 

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  1. Wow amazing, and lots of hours spent on this by the looks of it.
    I thought they might be Bewick’s woodcuts, but not sure. The book, 1800 woodcuts (wood engravings) by Thomas Bewick and his school is a great source for all manner of subjects… Hetty

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