The Wallachian Ram, pp.28-29.

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THE singular conformation of the horns which adorn the head of this breed of foreign Sheep, has induced us to insert a figure of the animal in this work. The late Mr. Collinson, a Fellow of the Royal Society in London, sent a drawing of the Ram and one of the Ewe, to the Count de Buffon, who had them engraved in his first volume of quadrupeds. The horns of the Ewe are twisted also, but not so violently, as those of the Ram, which describe, near the head, a spiral line. The wool of this species seems to be much longer than that of the common Sheep, and to resemble that of the goat. Buffon deplores that the death of his friend, Mr. Collinson, had deprived him of a more particular description of this curious animal, which is sometimes called Strepsicoros, from the shape of his horns. 

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