The Ape, p.33.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

A numerous and well-known tribe of animals mostly resembling the human species in the shape of their ears, eyes, eyelids, lips, breasts, feet, hands, and in the general form of their bodies. This species is differenced from the monkey by their having no tail. They are of a pale mouse colour, and sometimes five feet tall. The largest is called Ourang Outang, or Wild Man of the Woods. He is bold and mischievous, and often attacks men and women. The negroes believe that these Apes could speak, but do not, lest they should be set to work. The Long-armed Ape, as well as the others, inhabits the torrid zone, and is remarkable for the length of his arms, as his hands can touch the ground when the creature is standing. The Pigmy Ape is about two feet in height, and lives in Africa. The fabulous history of the nation of Pigmies seems to have originated in the existence of these animals, and their diminutive resemblance to man. 

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