The Hedge-Hog, p.40.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

IS somewhat like a porcupine in miniature, and, in shape, resembles the animal from which he derives his name; he is covered all over with strong and sharp spines or prickles, which he erects when irritated. He is no more than ten inches in length, and by rolling himself in the shape of a ball, can resist the attack of his strongest enemies; among which are the cat, the weazle, the martin, and the dog. His common food is composed of apples, grapes and other fruits; and far from being a noxious animal in a garden, he soon destroys the worms and snails, which he feeds upon when he finds no windfall to devour. The Hedge Hogs inhabit most parts of Europe. Some are also found in Asia, but of a smaller size. 

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