The Spaniel, pp.48-49.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

   HAS received from nature a very keen smell, good understanding and uncommon docility. He may be taught several tricks, as fetching, carrying, diving, and the like. The Land Spaniel is used in setting for partridges, pheasants, quails, &c. His steadiness in the field, his patience in keeping the bird at bay till the fowler discharges his piece, are real objects of admiration. 

“When milder autumn summer’s heat succeeds, 

And in the new-shorn field the partridge feeds, 

Before his lord the ready Spaniel bounds; 

Panting with hope, he tries the furrow’d grounds; 

But when the tainted gales the game betray, 

Couch’d close he lies and meditates the prey; 

Secure they trust th’ unfaithful field beset 

‘Till hov’ring o’er ‘em sweeps the swelling net. 

————————————————————–POPE’S WINDSOR FOREST. 

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