The Falcon, pp.93-94.

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IS a predaceous bird of the hawk kind, and may be divided into several species. The Gerfalcon is found in the northern parts of Europe; and was anciently used for the noblest game, being the largest of all, and nearly as big as the Osprey. The bill is crooked and yellow; the irides of the eye dusky; and the whole plumage of a whitish hue, marked with dusky spots on the back. 

The Peregrine Falcon is as large as the Moor-Buzzard. The bill is blue at the base, and black at the point; the head, back, scapulars, and coverts of the wings, are barred with deep black and blue; the throat, neck, and upper part of the breast, are white, tinged with yellow; the bottom of the breast, belly, and thighs, are of a greyish white; and the tail is black and blue. They breed among the rocks of Caernarvonshire, and in the north of Scotland. 

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