The Nuthatch, or Nutjobber, p.121.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

Is less than a chafinch. The head, neck, and beak, are of an ash colour; the sides under the wings red; the throat and breast of a pale yellow; the chin is white, and the feathers under the tail are red, with white tips. He feeds upon nuts, which he hoards in the hollow of a tree: it is pleasing to see this bird fetch a nut out of the hole, place it fast in a chink, and, standing above it with his head downwards, striking it with all his might, break the shell, and catch up the kernel. He feeds also upon flies and other small insects. The hen is so attached to her covey that, when disturbed from her nest, she flutters about the head of the depredator, and hisses like a snake. The young ones are said to afford a very delicate food. 

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