The Dottrel, p.205.

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   IS proverbially accounted a foolish bird, and it is hardly possible to decide why, or upon what ground. This bird seems to be migratory, and makes his appearance in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Derbyshire in April, but, finding very likely nothing much to his liking, soon leaves those countries and retires in June to places which are totally unknown. In April and sometimes in September, they are seen in Wiltshire and Berkshire. They are generally caught, like other birds, by night; when, dazzled by the light of a torch, they are at a loss to know where to fly for safety, the whole place being in darkness except the very spot which they should avoid. Many and most ridiculous stories have been propagated about the gestures of this bird, endeavouring to imitate the actions of the fowler, and thereby falling in the snare laid down for him; but they ought to be entirely exploded. 

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