The Salmon Trout, pp.248-249.

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   ALSO called the Bull Trout or Sea Trout, is thicker than the common trout in the body, weighing about three pounds; it has a large smooth head, which as well as the back is of a bluish tint, with a green gloss; the sides are interspersed with black spots, the tail is broad chiefly at the end. It is said that in the beginning of summer, the flesh of this fish begins to redden, and holds that colour till the month of August; which circumstance is very probably owing to their being on the point of spawning. This fish is very delicate and much esteemed on our table; but as it contains a great deal of fat it ought to be dressed as soon as possible, for it would soon turn to putrefaction. Some people prefer this to Salmon, but they are both loathsome when eaten in too great a quantity. 

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