The Trumpet Fish, p.280.

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   ABIDES in the Mediterranean, and is not more than three inches in length; he has a large snout, long and narrow at the end; the eyes are large, the irides red, and the body is covered with rough cinerous scales. The anterior part of the body has two bony substances like fins, and another situated on the belly. This fish is often found in the ocean, where he seems to be driven by storm, as he is seldom seen there in any other than tempestuous weather. His breathing the water out of his snout with a sounding noise, has occasioned our sailors to call him the Trumpet. This species belongs to the Centriscus order, which contains several families, many of them presenting very curious shapes. The Garfish is one of them; see page 287. 

   The Sea Adder a long, smooth, and slender body, without scales; its colour is green, tinctured with red, the eyes small; it is about the bigness of a goose quill, and no more than three inches long; it has only one fin, and that on the back. 

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