The Sea-Tortoise, or Turtle, pp.259-260.

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   IS reckoned a very delicate food, specially the green, and the logger head. Some of them are so large that they weigh near four hundred pounds, and some eight hundred pounds. They generally ascend from the sea, and crawl on the beach, either for food or for laying their eggs, (which are as big sometimes as those of a common hen), to the number of fifty or sixty at a time. The young ones, as soon as they are hatched, crawl down to their natural element. They are caught when sleeping on land, by turning them on their backs; for as they cannot turn themselves over again, all means of escape is denied them. The lean of the green Turtle tastes and looks like veal, without any fishy flavour. The fat is as green as grass and very sweet. They are common in Jamaica, and in most of the islands of the East and West Indies. 

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