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Note D. – Canon Gibson and John Gibson Junior, pp.92-93.

[Notes on the Black Book Contents]

   Of both Canon Gibson and John Gibson Junior, there are several notices in the Registers of Glasgow. In 1496 the former appears as Chamberlain of Glasgow, and Canon, (Reg. Episcop., Glasg., II. p. 2), and next year he is again mentioned. (Ib. II., p. 496.) On 10th May, 1503, he is a witness to a Notarial Act. Next year he appears as Master of Work of the Church of St. Kentigern, (Dioc. Registers, II., 72). In 1506 he had a dispute with John Lord Ros relative to the glebe (Ib. II., 132,) of Renfrew, which was settled by arbitration, (Ib. II., 132). In 1507 a tenement to the west of the Archbishop’s Palace, and to the north of the manse of the Prebendary of Govan, was granted to him and his successors in his stall,1 (II., 190, 191, 192). In the following year he had a question with Sir John Alanson, Chaplain of the Chaplainry of Saint Convall and saint Ninian, in the Church of Renfrew, who seems to have been neglecting his duties (II., 231). In 1508 he complains to the Vicars General of the Archbishop, who was then abroad, against Canon Colquhoun, that he had taken possession of part of the prebendal manse of Renfrew, (II., 256), and a month later that he had acted contrary to his oath of office, and to the statutes of the Chapter of Glasgow, (II., 239). Shortly afterwards news having come of the death of Archbishop Blackader while on a journey to Jerusalem to visit the Holy sepulchre, James Beaton was postulated Archbishop on his room, but our Canon protested, although ineffectually, that this should be delayed until the news of Archbishop Blackader’s death was confirmed, (II., 233). On 3rd September, 1509, he was present when the new Archbishop declared that the Abbot of Paisley should enjoy the same privileges, exemptions, and immunities, in time to come, as the Abbots had enjoyed under former Archbishops, (II., 305). In 1510 he agreed to an increase of the stipend of the Vicar choral of his stall, which was then fixed at ten merks, (II., 352). On 6th August of the same year, in the Hospital of St. Nicholas, Glasgow, he took his wallet, cloak, cap, and staff, took leave of the bystanders, stating that for certain reasonable causes moving him thereto, he took his journey to his Holiness Pope Julius II., and the Holy Apostolic See, and committed himself, his prebend, and all his property, to the protection and defence of His Holiness and the Holy See, (II., 372). He seems to have fallen into trouble, as he was cited to appear before the Archbishop’s Commissary on 23rd September, to see and hear himself declared to have incurred a mark of irregularity in having celebrated the communion while he was under censure, and to be deprived of his Canonry, (II., 375). He was, however, so ill that he could not attend, (II., 375, 376). On 9th December another Canon was instituted in his room, (II., 386, 388). He is again mentioned on 31st May, 1511, and this is the last notice we have of him. 

   On 13th February, 1507, John Gibson Junior, Chaplain, appointed Prebendary Gibson his procurator for certain purposes (II., 264,) and it seems probable that they were relatives. he is no doubt the same person as John Gibson, Notary Public. On Friday, 10th September, 1507, he, along with Canon Gibson, was present when a complaint was made by the Abbot and Convent of Paisley, (II., 214, 224). he seems to have been a Chaplain in the Cathedral of Glasgow, as John Gibson, Chaplain, Glasgow, appears in 1506 as a witness to a Charter. (Reg. Episcop. Glasg., II., p. 518). 

1  Both houses were on the north side of the Rottenrow. The manse of the Rector of Renfrew is figured in Stuart’s Views and Notices of Glasgow in former times, p. 18, plate V. After the Reformation it passed by purchase into the hands of Mr. John Bell, minister of Cardross. 

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