Alexander the First (1114-1124), King of Scotland, pp.6-9.


AFTER the death of K. Edgar, hes brother Alexander (surnamed the Ferss) succeidit to him. Quhill he was a priuat man, he had at hes christning, by the donatione of hes vnckell, Donald Bane, Earle of Gourey, the lands of Liffe and Innergourey, quher, in the first zeire of hes raing, he begane ther to buld a staitly palace and castle, bot was interrupted by the rebells of Meirnes and Murray, quho besett him in the night, and had doubtesley killed him, had not Alexander Carrone priuly carried the king saue away throughe a priuey, and by a small boate saiued themselues, to Fyffe, and the south pairts of the kingdome, quher he raissed ane armey, and marched against the forsaid rebells of Meirnes and Murray, quhome he totally ouerthrew and subdewed; for wich grate mercey and preseruatione, in a thankfull retributione to God, he foundit the monastarey of Scone, and too it gaue hes first land of Liffe and Innergourey, in Ao 1114.

About this tyme K. Alexander the I. reuardit for hes faithfull seruice Alexander Carrone, with the office of standard bearir of Scotland, to him and hes heirs for euer. He was called Scrimshour, becausse with a drauen suord, in a combat, he had strucke the hand from a courtier; wich surname of Scrinscoure, hes posterity to this day haue keipt. 



In the preceiding zeir, 1112, K. Alexander foundit the monastarey of S. Columbane, in the Ile of Emonia, neir Edinbrughe.

Unus M. ter I. et X. literis a tempore Christi, 
Emon tunc ab Alexandro fundata fuisti 
Scottorum primo. Structorem canonicorum 
Transferat ex imo Deus hunc as astra polorum. 



Maude, the Queine of England, K. Alex: I. sister, depairted this lyffe the ii. Zeire of hes rainge, and was interrid at Westemenster, in St. Eduards Chapell, ouer against the heigh altar, with this inscriptione (as sayes Fordone) one her monument.

Hic jacet Matildis regina bona Angliæ, vxor quondam Henrici primi, filia Malcolmi regis Scottorum, & Vxoris suæ, S. Margaretæ; quæ obijt Ao Dom. M.c.xvii. de cuius bonitate & moris probitate dies non sufficeret omnia dicere. 



In the zeir 1114 deyed Marey, Countesse of Bulloinge, K. Mal: the 3ds 2d daughter, at the Abbey of Bermondsey, in England, and wes interrid in the monastarey churche of S. Saluator, neir London, wnder a faire marble tombe, with this inscriptione, in gold letters, as sayes Fordone.

Nebilis his tumulata iacet comitissa Maria: 
     Actibus his nituit, larga, benigna fuit. 
Regum sanguis erat, morum probitate vigebat, 
     Compatiens inibi, viuit in arce poli. 



K. Alexander I. departed this lyffe at Streuelin, 8 kal. of Maij, in Ao 1124, and was interred one S. Maries day, at Dumfermlinge, before the heigh altar, neir to hes father, after he had rainged K. of Scotland 17 zeirs and 21 dayes.

Sybilla, K. Alex: the 1. Queene, daughter to the King of England, departed this lyffe, at the castell of Loche Tay, in Ao 1122; and this same zeire also, Robert, Abott of Scone, the kings cousin, was elected Bischope of St. Andrewes. 

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