Edgar (1098-1099), King of Scotland, Updated, pp.5-6.


EDGAR having taken Donald, (as I formerly said) was solemnly crowned at Scone, in 1098.



This year the King founded the Abbey of Coldingham;* and gave to the honor of St. Cuthbert, the whole lands of Coldingham, and town of Berwick upon Tweed, 1099.

This year was King Edgar’s sister Maude married to King Henry I of England, and was solemnly crowned by St. Anselm, Bishop of Canterbury.

This same year, likewise, Mary, the other daughter of King Malcolm III, and King Edgar’s second sister, was married to Eustace, Earle of Boulogne, brother to Godfrey and Baldwin, Kings of Jerusalem.

King Edgar died in the 9th year and 3rd month of his reign [1107], at Dundee, (as will some,) at Edinburgh, as others,** and was interred at Dunfermline, before the high altar.


*  Edgar’s younger brother David founded the Abbey.
**  History is undecided as to whether he died in Dundee or in Edinburgh.

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