Donald Bane and Duncan, Kings of Scotland, Updated, pp.3-5.

DUNCAN, bastard son to King Malcolm III, being pledged in England with King William Rufus, by whom he was knighted, and supplied with an army, wherewith he from England entered Scotland, and dethroned his uncle, Donald, being solemnly crowned about the latter end of the first year of his reign. By the fraud of his exiled uncle, Donald, he was treacherously killed by MacPender, [Mormaer] of Mearns, by our printed authors called Thane of the Mearns, and was interred at Iona; after whose death King Donald again seats himself in the throne for three years, until, by Edgar, King Malcolm III.’s 4th son, he was overthrown in battle, and after a flaming steel had been drawn before his eyes, his head was shaven, and he [was] sent to the monastery of the Culdees.* Of the unfortunate end of [these] two kings, the Prior Turgot has preserved this monkish epitaph:-

For six months Donald ruled the kingdom 
     King Malcolm’s brother in Alba. 
This took away Malcolm’s descendent Duncan’s kingdom: 
     Months for so many years he was king in Scotland. 
This was killed by Mock & Monochethin**
     Earl Mormaer: punish all the people. 
Donald again, King Duncan killed, 
     The king by three years grant holds court. 
Captured by Edgar, deprived of sight; but he 
     Rostowyne died, Jonas holds the bones.

Magnus, the son of Olaf, the son of Harold, surnamed Hårfagre [Fairhair], King of Norway, this year conquered the Orkneys and Shetland Islands, and annexed them to his crown, which formerly did belong to the crown and kingdom of Scotland; for from the time of Eochaid Rothay, the great-grandchild of Simon Brecc, who was the first Scot that ever did inhabit these isles, to this very time, for the space almost of near 2000 years; yea near 500 years before that Fergus, the son of Feredach, from Ireland descended to Scotland, these isles, without any interruption, did belong, and were possessed by the Scots.


*  For a bit more information on the Culdees in Scotland, see the ‘Journal’ section of ‘Scots Lore’ for February, 1895. They’re also mentioned in the ‘Saint Ninian’s Candida Casa. A Leap into the Dark.’ article in ‘Scots Lore’ for April, 1895.
**  “Monochethin” doesn’t translate from Latin and this is the only place I can find it used. “Mono chethin” from the Greek, however, means Only Hell but I don’t know that it fits the context. “Monochkenneran”, from p.69 of Old Glasgow, seems pretty similar and would appear to be the name of a place in the Paisley area.

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