Donald Bane and Duncane, Kinges of Scotland, pp.3-5.

DUNCANE, basse sone to K. Malcolme the 3d, being pledge in England with K. William Rufus, by quhom he was knighted, and suplied with ane armey, quherwith he from England entred Scotland, and dethroned his wnckell, Donald, being solemnely crouned about the letter end of the first zeire of his rainge. By the fraud of hes exyled vnckell, Donald, he was treacherously killed by Mack-Pender, Earle of Merines, by our printed authors called Thane of the Meirnes, and was interrid at Icolm-kill; after quhosse death K. Donald againe seatts himselue in the throne for thre zeirs, till, by Edgar, K. Malcolme 3d 4 sone, he was ouerthrowen in batell, and after a flaming steeill had beine drawin before hes eyes, hes head wes shawen, and he sent to the monastarey of the Culedeis. One the unfortunat end of wich tuo kinges, the Prior Turgot has preserwed this monkishe epitaphe:-

Mensibus in regno regnauit sex Douenaldus 
     Malcolmi regis frater in Albania. 
Abstulit hic regnum Duncanus Malcolimides: 
     Mensibus tot annis rex erat in Scotia. 
Hic fuit occisus per Merinis & Monochethin 
     Malpeder comitem: plebs punit omnis eum. 
Rursus Donenaldus, Duncano rege peremto, 
     Ternis rex annis regia dona tenet. 
Captus ab Edgaro, visu priuatur; at ille 
     Rostowyne obijt, ossaque Iona tenet.

Magnus, the sone of Olaue, the sone of Harold, surnamed Harfagar, King of Norway, this zeire conquest the Orcades and Menauian Islands, and anexed them to hes croune, wich formerely did belonge to the croune and kindome of Scotland; for frome the tyme of Ethdac-Rothai, the grate-grand-chyld of Simon-breck, quho was the first Scot that euer did inhabit thesse Iles, to this verey tyme, for the space almost of neire 2000 zeires; zea neir 500 zeirs befor that Fergus, the sone of Feredeth, from Irland discendit to Scotland, thesse Iles, without aney interruptione, did belonge, and wer possessed by the Scotts. 

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