David the First (1124-1153), King of Scotland, Updated, pp.9-14.

David I. youngest son to King Malcolm III. succeeded his brother K. Alexander I. and was solemnly crowned at Scone, in 1124; he reigned 29 years, 2 months, and 3 days. He married Maude de St. Liz [de Senlis], only daughter and heir to Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon, in England, by Judith his wife, niece to King William the Conqueror, and by her had issue [of] one son, Henry, in right of his mother, Earl of Huntingdon and Northumberland. 



In the beginning of the year 1125, there was an interview at Newcastle between King David and Stephen, King of England, about the concluding of a peace between both crowns, which was brought to a happy close by the mediation of Maude, Queen of England, King David’s niece, by his sister Mary, Countess of Boulogne, on the condition that Henry, King David’s eldest son, should do homage to King Stephen for the earldom of Huntingdon; and that without any let he should peaceably enjoy the county of Northumberland, as heir by his mother both to Waltheof Earl of Huntingdon, and Siward Earl of Northumberland. 



In May this year, 1125, King David translated the Abbey of Selkirk to Kelso, and Herbert, the 3rd Abbot of Selkirk, was 1st Abbot of Kelso. 



In the year 1126, King David built the castle of Carlisle. During his abode there, there arrived at his court, Henry, thereafter King of England, the son of his niece Maude the [Holy Roman] Empress, sent by his mother to be knighted by King David, which was performed with great solemnity, after Henry had taken a solemn oath to David, never in his lifetime to invade or molest the Scottish counties in England. 



Henry, Earl of Huntingdon, Prince of Scotland and Northumberland, in August 1127, married Ada [de Warenne], the daughter of William, [2nd Earl of Surrey] Earle of Warren, and sister of Robert, Earl of Leicester, and Waleran, Earl of Meulan, whose mother was sister to Ralph, Earl of Péronne, cousin to Louis the French King. 



This year King David founded the monastery of the Holy Cross, near Edinburgh, of canons regular, 1128.



This year, 1130, begins with the death of Queen Maude, King David’s beloved wife. She was interred at Scone.

This same year, Óengus, Earl of Murray, with his whole kindred, were killed by the Scots at Stracathro. 



King David the first, this year, 1132, founded the monastery of Melrose, of the order of Cistercians. 



This year, 1136, peace concluded between King David and Stephen King of England. The chief article was, of that peace, that Northumberland should remain to Stephen, and Cumberland to King David. 



In April this year, 1137, the Archbishop of York, Thurstan, came [as] Ambassador from King Stephen to King David, then at Roxburgh, entreating him that he would not destroy Northumberland; but shortly the truce and peace formerly concluded was broken, because the King of England would not give Northumberland to Prince Henry, which duly did belong to him [by] right of his mother. 



In the year 1138, King David, with a good army, invaded Northumberland, and with fire and sword destroyed it.

And King Stephen this same year also, in the beginning of Lent, with a great army, came to Roxburgh, but shamefully returned again, without doing anything worthy to be spoken of.

This year likewise, Alberic, the Pope’s Legate, Bishop of Ostia, came to King David [at] Carlisle for mediating a peace between him and England, but [did] not prevail.

In September this year, there was a battle fought between King David and King Stephen, at Standard in Cumberland, wherein the English army was overthrown. 



King David so abounded in the piety of these times, that he founded the monastery of Newbattle, in Midlothian, of the Cistercian order, in 1140.



And in the following year, 1142, King David also founded the monastery of Dundrennan, of the Cistercian order likewise.

About Martinmas this same year, the monks of the Premonstratensian order [White Canons] came first [to] Scotland, and by this King were seated in Dryburgh.

William Comyn, [Lord] Chancellor of Scotland, this year, on the Empress [Matilda]‘s donation, possessed himself of Durham Castle, and St. Cuthbert’s patrimoney. 



In July this year, 1143, was born William, thereafter King of Scotland, 2nd son to Prince Henry. 



In 1147, died John [Capellanus], Bishop of Glasgow, and to him succeeded Herbert [of Selkirk], Abbot of Kelso. 



King David this year founded two monasteries of the order of Cistercian; Holmcultram in Cumberland, and Kinloss in Moray, 1150. 



William Comyn, [Lord] Chancellor of Scotland, who had by the Empress [Matilda]‘s donation possessed himself of the castle and bishopric of Durham, was elected and consecrated Bishop of York; and celebrating mass in the church of St. Pietre, by corrupt priests was poisoned, and died this year, 1152. [Confused with William of St. Barbara?]

This year, 1152, died Henry, Earl of Northumberland, Prince of Scotland, King David’s eldest son; and that worthy prelate, William, Bishop of Durham. 



The 24th of May this year, died that pious and holy King David, (to whom succeeded his grandchild, Malcolm, the eldest son of Henry the Prince, a youth of 12 years of age,) at Carlisle, 1153. 

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