Malcolme, Fourth of that Name (1154-1165), King of Scotland, pp.14-19.


K. MALCOLME the 4, grandchyld to K. Da: 1, wes solemley crouned at Scone, in Ao 1154.

This zeir also, Dauid, 3d sone to Prince Henrey, and brother to K. Malcolme, was this zeir created Earle of Huntingtone and Gariauche; hes elder brother, Earle of Northumberland, being bezond seas fighting against the Saracens.

This zeir also Sumerled, Thane of Argyle, togider with hes nephewes, the sones of Malcolme Mackenethe, rebell against King Malcolme, quho gaue himselue out to be the sone of Angus, Earle of Murray, killed at Stratharone. This Malcolme Mackeneth, being apprehendit, wes shot upe a closse prissoner in a turret of Merchemond Castle; togider with Donald, the grandchyld of Sumerled.

Johne, Bischope of Glasgow, this zeire lykwayes quytes hes bischoprick, and reteirs himselue to a monasterey, for wich K. Malcolme complaines to the Pope. He againe resumes his charge, and shortly therafter deyes, and wes interrid in Jedwood. 



This zeire K. Mal: 4. placed a convent of nuns at Ecckles, 1156. 



In Maij 1158, ther was ane interweiu betuix Malcolme the 4. and K. Henrey of England at Caarleill; bot they depairted without aney good conclusione. 



This zeire wes fatall to churchemen, for in Februarij 1159, deyed Robert, Bischope of St. Andrewes; and in Aguste deyed that holy man, Waldenus, (or Valthenus,) Abott of Melrosse, unckell to K. Mal: 4.

In this zeire was K. Mal: 4. knighted by K. Henrey of England.

This zeir, also, William, Bischope of Murray, and Nicholl, Chamberlaine of Scotland, wer sent ambassadors by K. Malcolme the 4. to Pope Alexander. 



Feretachte, Earle of Stratherne, this zeire, 1160, with 5 others of the nobility, conspyre against K. Malcolme the 4. for hes too grate familiarity with Henrey the Englishe king, and hes dislyke of Lewes the French king: they thought to haue takin the king prissoner at Perth, bot wer disapoynted.

This same zeire, also, K. Mal: 4. leuies ane armey for to suppresse the Gallowidians that had rebelled and rissin in armes against him, quhom in 3 mounthes he fully reduces to his obedience, making ther Earle, Fergus, to renunce the world, shaue-hes croune, and turne mouncke at Holyrudhousse, deliuering hes sone and heir, Othred or Vthred, to the king in pledge of the Gallouidians faithe.

This zeir Ernald, Abbot of Kelso, was elected Bishop of St. Andrews, and consecrated by William, Bischope of Murray, the Popes Legat in Scotland, in the presence of K. Malcolme. 



In Marche 1161, K. Malcolme, with the adwysse of the estaits of the kingdome, marries his eldest sister Margarett to Conan, Duck of Brittannie, and hes second sister Ada to Florence, Earle of Holland. For the accomplishing of thesse bussines, the estaits giues him a werey large supplie.

This same zeir Js. Sumerled, Thane of Argyle, with hes sone Gillecolme, and ther quhole armey killed and takin at Renfrow.

The 9 of September this zeire is Gregorey, Bischope of Rosmarkin, consecrat be Arnold, Bischope of St. Andrewes, the Popes Legat in Scotland. 



In this zeire, 1162, Heu Morweill, Constable of Scotland, the founder of Drybrughe Abbey, departs this lyffe; and shortly after him, William, Bis: of Murray, and Arnold, Bis: of St. Andrewes. 



This zeir, 1163, was a werey happey and auspicious zeir to Scotland, for in Marche, K. Mal: did recouer of a dangerous sicknes, wich almost had brought him to deaths dore; in Maij ther was a firme peace concludit betuix him and K. Henrey of England, at Duncastre; and Richard, the Kings chaplen and minione, was elected Bis: of St. Andrewes. 



K. Mal: this zeire foundit the monastarey of Couper in Angus; the abbey of Soultrie, for easse of pilgrimes; and the nunnrey of Manuell, in Ao 1164.

This same zeir deyed Herbert, Bis: of Glasgow; and in hes place was elected Engelrame, Chancelour of Scotland. 



In Appryle this zeir, 1165, Richard, K. Malcolmes chaplane, at St. Andrewes, wes consecrat.

In Junij this zeire, and Agust, ther appeired 2 fearfull comitts, before the sunne ryssing and quharter of ane houer, with a radiant croune ouer them. In Julay and Agust this zeir, that wicked spirit and enmey of mankynd, Sathan, so acted hes pairt with thunder and fyre, exhibitting himselue in diuers horrid postures, wes visibley seine by maney thousands of people of all kyndes. This same zeir, also, about the v of the ids of December, deyed that holy and noble King Malcolme the 4. at hes castell of Jedwood, about the 25 zeir of hes age, after he had gouerned the realme 13 zeirs and 6 moneths, and wes interrid at Dunfermling, by his grandfather K. Dauid.

In the mounthe of Aguste this same zeire, befor the kinges death, apeared tuo blazing commetts, ane houre before the sune ryssing, ane in the south, the other in the north. 

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