Valentine’s Photos of Glasgow (1901ish)

These are a collection of black and white photos with where they’re of written on the back of each. Valentine & sons photography was Dundee based but made collections like this for Britain’s main cities. Was very pleased to obtain these of Glasgow. They came in the green cardboard envelope and I can believe they would have made excellent souvenir gifts.


Valentines Glasgow 28‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, cardboard envelope.
Valentines Glasgow 26‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Buchanan St.
Valentines Glasgow 25‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, George Sq. and Municipal Buildings.
Valentines Glasgow 24‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Cathedral.
Valentines Glasgow 23‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Jamaica Bridge.
Valentines Glasgow 22‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Royal Exchange.
Valentines Glasgow 21‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Trongate.
Valentines Glasgow 20‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Charing Cross.
Valentines Glasgow 19‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Sauchiehall St. (looking to) Glasgow.
Valentines Glasgow 18‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Great Western Rd.
Valentines Glasgow 17‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, University.
Valentines Glasgow 16‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Art Galleries.
Valentines Glasgow 15‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Waterfalls in Rouken Glen.
Valentines Glasgow 14‘Valentine’s Snapshots’ of Glasgow, Dumbarton Castle.


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