23rd of February

St Serenus, a gardener, martyr, 307. St Boisil, prior of Melrose, 664. St Milburge, virgin, abbess in Shropshire, 7th century. Dositheus, monk of Palestine. Peter Damian, cardinal, 1072.

Born. – George Frederick Handel, musical composer, 1685, Halle; Prince Henry Benedict Stuart, Cardinal York, 1725. 
Died. – Pope Eugenius IV., 1447; Stanislaus I. (of Poland), 1766; Joanna Baillie, poet and dramatist, 1851, Hampstead.

On this Day in Other Sources.

The 23rd of February, this year [1483,] the King calls a parliament of his estates, to be [held] at Edinburgh; wherein diverse acts passed about bullion, goldsmiths work, and the [melting] down of the new [coins.]

– Historical Works, pp.189-214.

In the month of February thereafter, Hercules Stewart was hanged, with one John Syme, for entertaining his own brother, [Francis Stewart] the [forfeited] Earl of Bothwell: and on the 23rd day of this same month [1595,] the said Earl was solemnly excommunicated.

– Historical Works, pp.340-416.

From Martinmas of the preceding year to the end of January in the present, there was a hard continuous frost, which, after a slight thaw, was resumed, and lasted till the 23d of February [1624.] During this time, ‘eleven carts, with twenty-one puncheons of wine, came over upon the ice from Dundee here.’ – Chron. Perth.

– Domestic Annals, pp.177-227.

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