24th of February

St Matthias, the Apostle, Colchis.Saints Montanus, Lucius, Flavian, Julian, Victoricus, Primolus, Rhenus, and Donatian, martyrs at Carthage, 259. St Pretextatus, archbishop of Rouen, martyr, about 585. St Lethard, bishop of Senlis, 596, Canterbury. Robert of Arbrissel, 111. 


Born. – John Picus, Count of Mirandola, 1463; Charles V. (of Spain), 1500, Ghent; James Quin, actor, 1693, Covent-garden
Died. – Francis Duke of Lorraine, and General de la Tremouille, killed at Pavia, 1525; Francis Duke of Guise, assassinated, 1563; Joseph (of Portugal), 1777; Charles Buonaparte, 1785; Thomas Coutts, banker, 1822; John VI. (of Portugal), 1826.


On this Day in Other Sources.


The Queen, also, set out, for Edinburgh, arriving, at Holyrood-house, on the 24th of February, 1565. 

While Elizabeth’s breath fanned Darnley’s sails, his bark glided along, with the wind, and tide. He found, of course, no difficulty in his journey, from Weemys-castle to Dunkeld, where he saw his father; and whence he hastened to Edinburgh, where he arrived, before the Queen.

– Life of Mary, pp.98-126.


Philip Stanfield was hanged at the Market Cross on the 24th of February [1688.] In consequence of a slip of the rope, he came down on his knees, and it was necessary to use more horrible means of strangulation. His tongue was cut out for cursing his father; his right hand was struck off for parricide; his head was spiked on the East Port of Haddington, and his mutilated body was hung in chains between Leith and the city. After a few days the body was stolen from the gibbet, and found lying in a ditch among water. It was chained up again, but was a second time stolen; and in the strangulation on the scaffold, and the being found in a ditch among water, the superstitious saw retributive justice for the murder of which he was assumed to be guilty.

– Old and New Edinburgh, pp.274-282.


Full of years and honour, Dr. Thomas Guthrie died 24th February, 1873.

– Old and New Edinburgh, pp.87-94.

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