20th of August

St Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, 1153.


Born. – Louis Bourdaloue, celebrated preacher, 1632, Bourges.
Died. – Count Ricimer, celebrated Roman general, 472; Pope4 John XIV., 984; St Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, 1153; Jerome Osorio, Portuguese prelate and author, 1580, Tavila; Martin Optiz, poet and philologist, 1639, Dantzic; Pope Pius VII., 1823; William Maginn, LL.D., miscellaneous writer, 1842, Walton on Thames.


On this Day in Other Sources.


In 1383 Robert II. Was holding his court in the Castle when he received there the ambassador of Charles VI., on the 20th August, renewing the ancient league with France. 

– Old and New Edinburgh, pp.26-31.


At a much later period we have in the Memorie of the Somervilles, an account of a very unfortunate accident, produced by a too great indulgence in the favourite fruit of Clydesdale. Of the second Lord Somerville it is there said that “he died suddenly upon the twentieth of August 1456, of a surfith of fruit that came from Cambusnethan to Cowthally, as was supposed; for, haveing eaten plentifully of thir fruit at dinner, he dyed before sex [six] at night, being then but in the fyftieth or fourtieth and nynth year of his age.” 

– Select Views, pp.31-34.


Nevertheless of the King’s death, at the animation of the widow Queen, they gave a general assault to [Roxburgh] castle, and took it, the 20th day of August this same year [1460]; which the nobility caused to be razed to the ground, lest hereafter it should become a cage for such ravenous birds. 

– Historical Works, pp.166-189.


On 20th August, 1642, some work on the bridge was in progress, and a n act of council ordained it to be finished, after which the old Trongate port and flesh market were directed to be taken down and a new flesh market erected…1

– Scots Lore, pp.15-29.

1  Council Records, i. 439.


William Miller

Necropolis 30

The monument to William Miller (August 1810 – 20 August 1872) who wrote the Glasgow poem Wee Willie Winkie was born a short distance away at Ark Lane. His ambition to become a surgeon was ended by serious illness and he was eventually apprenticed as a wood–turner. William was buried in the family plot in Tollcross Cemetery in an unmarked grave near the main entrance at the North wall. 

Glasgow’s City Necropolis.

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