Map of Glasgow (1773)

This is another big map from a book obtained through the generous donation of our supporter, Adam Baird. It’s from ‘Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow 1573-1642’ (1876). This one only needed two scans to get the whole picture, then those scans were combined together again on photoshop, and that was using the A3 scanner. The book from which this map has come looks to be from the same publisher and series as that of the, already uploaded, Map of Glasgow, Govan, and Partick (1650). They’re both courtesy of the Burgh Records Society. It contains a lot of information that could be very useful so I’ve put it on the list for upload. Between Alex and myself we’ve cleaned this map up a bit on Photoshop to get rid of the foxing and creases.


High- Resolution Version

Glasgow Charters Map

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