Chronological Table to the History of Scotland.

This is the timeline as given by Miss Corner as a conclusion to her ‘History of Scotland‘ (1851).

  • Pre-80 C.E. Settlement of the Gael of Kelts in Scotland, – arrival of the Picts or Pechts from Scandinavia.

  • 80 to 85. Invasion of Scotland by the Romans, under Agricola.

  • 209. Second Invasion, by the emperor Severus.

  • 258. Scots or Attacotti from Ireland settled in Argyll.

  • 410. Departure of the Romans.

  • abt. 470. Fergus led a colony of Scots from Ireland to Argyll.

  • 565. Christianity introduced into Scotland.

  • 595. Death of St. Columba.

  • after 617. Edinburgh supposed to have been founded by Edwin, king of Northumbria.

  • 842 or 843. Union of the Picts and Scots under Kenneth II.

  • 910. Settlements of the Danes or Northmen in the Orkney and Shetland Isles.

  • 1040. Murder of king Duncan I. and accession of Macbeth.

  • 1056. Death of Macbeth, succeeded by Malcolm III.

  • 1093. Malcolm killed at the Siege of Alnwick.

    Donald Bane chosen king.

  • 1094. Donald deposed; and Duncan II. made king.

    Assassination of Duncan, and restoration of Donald.

  • 1097. Accession of Edgar.

  • 1106. Accession of Alexander I.

  • 1124. Death of Alexander, succeeded by David I.

  • abt. 1130. Erection of the Cathedral of St. Magnus.

  • 1153. Death of David, succeeded by Malcolm IV.

  • 1159. Sweyn, a famous Danish Pirate, killed in an attack on Dublin.

  • 1165. Accession of William the Lion.

  • 1214. Alexander II. ascended the throne.

  • 1249. Alexander III.

  • 1263. Defeat of Haco, king of Norway, by Alexander III. in the Battle of Largs.

  • 1270. The Western Isles sold to Alexander, by the king of Norway.

  • 1286. Death of Alexander III.

  • 1290. Death of his heiress, Margaret, of Norway.

  • 1292. Interregnum. – Disputes about the succession to the Crown.

    John Balliol appointed king, by Edward I. of England, the Umpire.

  • 1295. Treaty between the Scots and Philip IV. of France.

  • 1296. Invasion of Scotland by Edward I.

  • 1297. Resignation of the Scottish Crown, by Balliol.

  • 1298. The English defeated at Falkirk, by William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland.

  • 1304. Wallace taken prisoner, and executed.

  • 1305. Robert Bruce claimed the kingdom.

  • 1306. Assassination of the Regent, John Comyn.

    Coronation of Robert Bruce.

    War with England.

  • 1307. Death of Edward I.

  • 1314. Defeat of the English at Bannockburn.

  • 1329. Death of Robert Bruce, succeeded by his son David II.

    The Crown claimed by Edward Balliol.

  • 1332. Defeat of the Regent of Scotland, at Dupplin Moor, by Balliol.

  • 1333. The Scots defeated at Halidon Hill.

  • 1341. David II., a minor at his accession, assumed the government.

  • 1346. David defeated and taken prisoner by the English at the battle of Nevill’s Cross.

  • 1358. Ransomed, and restored to liberty.

  • 1370. Death of David II.

    Accession of Robert Stuart.

  • 1388. Battle of Otterbourne.

  • 1390. Robert III. became king.

    Civil wars in Scotland.

  • 1406. Death of Robert III.

  • 1406 to 1424. Regency of the Dukes of Albany.

  • 1424. May 21 – Coronation of James I.

  • 1437. Assassination of James I., and accession of James II.

  • 1460. Death of James II., succeeded by James III.

  • 1487. Insurrection against James III., and his assassination.

    Accession of James IV.

  • 1502. Insurrection in the Western Isles.

  • 1511. Death of Sir Andrew Barton.

  • 1513. James IV. defeated and slain at the battle of Flodden.

    Accession of James V.

  • 1542. Death of king James; and birth of his heiress, Mary.

  • 1558. Marriage of Mary Queen of Scots with Francis, Dauphin, and afterwards King, of France.

  • 1559. Insurrection of the Scots Protestants.

  • 1560. Return of Mary from France to Scotland.

  • 1564. Her (2nd) marriage, with Lord Darnley.

    Assassination of David Rizzio.

    Murder of Lord Darnley.

    The queen’s (3rd) marriage, with Lord Bothwell.

  • 1568. Her flight to England.

  • 1587. Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

  • 1603. Death of Queen Elizabeth, and accession of James VI. to the throne of England.

  • 1625. Death of James, succeeded by Charles I.

  • 1639. Insurrection of the Scots Covenanter5s, or Presbyterians, and their Invasion of England.

  • 1649. Execution of Charles I.

  • 1650. Charles II., proclaimed King of Scotland.

  • 1651. Defeat of the Royalists, by Cromwell, in the battle of Worcester.

  • 1660. Restoration of Charles II.

    Execution of the Marquis of Argyll.

    Assassination of Archbishop Sharpe.

  • 1679. Battle of Bothwell Bridge.

  • 1688. Revolution.

    Massacre of Glencoe.

  • 1715. Invasion of Scotland, by the Earl of Mar.

  • 1736. Insurrection of Scotland, by the Earl of Mar.

  • 1745. Rebellion in Scotland.

  • 1746. Defeat of the Rebels at Culloden.

  • 1834. Disputes relative to the patronage of Church Livings: the Veto Act.

  • 1839. The Act declared illegal, by the House of Lords.

  • 1842. Schism in the Church of Scotland.

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