Instructions, pp.148-151.

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To the President of the Sessione. 

1. That the acte made wltimo Julij, 1605, be rewiued, ainent adding of reassons of suspentions after seeing of the peeces, and the acte made the 3d of Nober: 1619, anent seeing of the peeices. 

2. That the proces may be deliuered at 12 houres eurey day, equally amongest the clerckes. 

3. That no Lord of the Session goe to the examinatione of wittnes, except the Ordinarey, or suche as shall be appoynted by the Lordes iudicially in oppin Session. 

4. That a table of the parties expensis of plea be giuen in heirafter, to adwised with the processe, that thervpon the Lordes may modifie the expensis in the decreit. 

5. That no submissione of parties be accepted by the quhole Lordes, nor requyred be them by the parties. 

6. That all causses of importance and difficultie be pleaded by wreat, and subscriued by the aduocat of the partie. 

7. That 2 Lordes sitt in the wtter housse continually, one to expeed all matters the first weeke, and the other to be his assesor for that weeke; and the said assessor to expeed all bussines the second weeke, as only speaker, wnto quhom ane other Lord is to be ioyned as an assessor, in the place of him quho was speaker the first weeke; and so successiuely from weeke to weeke, for so all the bussines may be more quicklier dispatched, and with lesse paine and more knouledge to the Judge. 

8. That no man stay to heire the adwysing and wotting, bot the Lordes of Session and the clerckes of the processe. 

9. That the Lord appoynted for the bills, and the clercke of the bills, sitt vpone the bills in the afternoone onlie, and report the nixt morning therafter. 

10. That the acte annent importunat sollicitors, made the 13 of Julij, 1596, be renewed and putt to dew executione. 

11. That the acte of sederunt, made the 24 of Maij, 1595, anent the continuation of sumonds, be renewed and keept in wsse heirafter. 

12. That the acte made the 27 of Julij, 1599, anent suspensitions of decreitts vpone liquidat soumes, be renewed and put to dew executione. 

13. That the acte made the 19 of Januarij, 1600, anent the extracting of interloquitours; and the acte made the 5 Martij, 1600, anent reporting of interloquitors. 

14. Also, the acte made the 16 of Nouember, 1602, anent suspentions granted contrarey to a warrant. 

15. That the quhole acte made the 11 of Jarij, 1624, be renewed and deulie executted, except onlie so much therof as concernetts the Lordes of the Sessione, ther election, being onlie proper for ourselffe, in right of our royall prerogatiue, quherin wee neuerthelesse intend to wsse the oppinion of the Lordes of the Session. 

16. That nothing be enacted in the Sessione wiche ze find against our good, wntill wee be acquanted therwith. 

17. That you take notice of the action concerning the abecey of Inchecheffray, and all the dependencies of it, as being a matter that concerns ws. 

18. That you giue especiall attendance to that action of reduction intendit by the Laird of Crageewar, and that he have iustice without delay. 

19. That you causse prosecute our right concerning the Bass, with all expedition, for effectuatting of that end you haue from ws. 

20. That you take especiall notice, and put to ane end according to equitie and iustice, that bussines of the Laird of Leslies, as a matter concerning ws. 

21. That you take notice of the bussines of Robert Alexander, merchant, concerning the reduction of the decreit and actes pronunced by the Earle of Mar aganist the said Robert. 

22. That you haue a caire of satisfactione of all letters sent by ws to the Session, and that you returne the anssuers therof. 

23. That you adwisse with our aduocatts quhat is the reddiest and surest way off resignation of the titylles quarreled, and sent vpe to ws. 

24. That you adwisse quhat is further to be done in Sessione, that wee may interpone our authority therwpone. 

25. That you take esspeciall notice of the bussines of the children of Jhone Nasmithe, so often recommendit by our lait deire father and ws, and ane end to be put to that actione. 

26. That ane especiall cair be had of the actione and bussines of the brugh of the Chanongait, and Sr William Bellenden, ther superior; and that wee be made acguant with the estait therof. 

27. That you acguant the Lordes of Sessione and our aduocatts, as you shall have occasione, and desyre ther concursse heirwnto; wheranent thir presents shall be your warrant. Whitehall, 10 Nouember, 1626. Sic subscribitur, 


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