Tuelffe Artickells, pp.136-138.

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Sent by his Maiestie to the Lordis of Sessione, 14 Junii, 1626. 

1. That the Lordes of the Colledge of Justice take a coursse for appoynting a chaplaine, who may eurey morning at eghte a clocke say a prayer to them. 

2. That the president of the said colledge make choysse of tuo or three laweyers, quho may consulte and assist with the Kings aduocatts in all bussines that concerns his Maiesties law affaires. 

3. That the præsident appoynt such dayes and tymes as he shall think fitting, for consulting in his Maiesties affaires. 

4. That the præsident searche all registers, and take notice of such thinges as may aduance his Maiesties seruice. 

5. That the præsident giue command to his Maiesties aduocatts, to adwert that nothing be done in that actione betuix the Earle of Mar and Lord Elphingstone, præiudiciall to his Maiesties seruice. 

6. That the præsident causse rewisse all suche actes and ordinances that doeth concerne expeditione of justice, or ordring of the housse of Sessione, that may be of new enacted; and quhat is further necessarey, being adwertissed by the president, his Maiesty may giue order theranent. 

7. That the president, in the searche of the registers, make a roll of all holdinges, and ther charge. 

8. That the præsident make a note of all præuilidges of the Sessione, and members therof, that his Majesty may ratifie suche of them as he thinkes expedient. 

9. That the præsident searche the registers, and make a note of all actes that concerns the presentations and admissions of the Lordes of Session. 

10. That his Maiesties aduocatts be consulted quhat coursse shall be takin in the bussines of the Basse. 

11. That his Maiesties aduocatts be commandit to raisse sumonds aganist suche Lordes of the erections, and other poyntes contained in his Maties reuocatione, as shall be thought expedient. 

12. To searche thosse bokes and actes wich wer made in tyme of the Lordes called the Octauians. 

   Seigned at Whytehall, 14 June, 1626. 


Thir tuelffe artickells wer crushte in peices by the Lord Chanceler Hay and wthers, whosse places they trinched one, and Sr James Skenne, President of the Sessione, wes brought in some disgrace with his Maiesty, for procuring of suche, wich as then was affirmed to the King, wer nothing ells bot matters of mooneshyne to his Maiesty; zet werey stronge ropes to withdraw the heartes of his people from his obedience, and seedes of rebellion. 

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