Instructions, p.157.

To Sr Archbald Naper, our Deputy Thesaurer in Scotland.

1. That our housses be repaired with all speed conueniently. 

2. That ze deall with the sonnes of Bernard Lindesay for ther housse in Leithe to be a custome housse. 

3. That the disposing of cassualities more then ordinarey be stopped wntill we be aduertissed. 

4. That all debetts transferred from England be repeled againe for our seruice in Scotland. 

5. That you consider of the debts dew to Sr William Murray of Dunearne, and ane pensione sutted by one Chrystie; and if ze find the one dew, and the other fitt to be granted, that they be payed as our coffers may conweniently afford the same. 

6. That you be cairfull to adwertisse ws of aney thing that justly does belong wnto ws, and is withheld without right, that wee may giue directione to our thesaurer and aduocattes to bring it againe for our wsse, by ordinarey coursse of law. Giuen at our palace of Whithall, 25 of Maij, 1627. Sic subscribitur, 


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