Hughie Fa’s in wi’ a Fairy, pp.47-48.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Vitas hinnuleo me similis, Chloë!” – CAR. I., 23. 

WHA’S aucht this bonnie bashfu’ bairn 

Cooerin’ her lane ahint the cairn? 

Whas’ can the lassie be? 

Or is’t a fairy fra the fern 

Looks wonderin’ oot on me? 


Tell me, thou timorous mountain fay, 

If that thy name an’ lineage may 

By mortal mooth be speir’d! 

The fient a wird she has to say – 

The lassie’s dumb, or fear’d! 


That heavin’ breist, that startin’ tear, 

That glance as o’ a huntit deer, 

That gentle hazel ee 

Frozen sae wide – it maun be fear! 

But never fear o’ me? 


O’ me wham every collie kens? 

Wha’s grozer-busses mak’ amen’s 

For scarcity o’ crap 

By chirpin’ sprogs, an’ cheerfu’ weans 

That kink me at the slap? 


My silly sheep are weel aware 

Their comfort is my only care, 

An’ follow whaur I lead, 

Sure o’ a warmer-tempered air 

An’ greener place to feed. 


Nor beast nor body, big nor wee, 

Ever afore mistrustit me, 

That ever yet cam’ near me; 

What is’t aboot me startles thee

An’ gars thee seem to fear me? 


Is it that thy owre-carefu’ granny 

Had telt thee men-folk arena canny – 

Their very friendship fraud? 

I’d hae thee think, my sweet young Nanny, 

We’re no sae ill’s we’re ca’d! 


Wimmen are angels, I alloo – 

But angels’ brithers canna boo 

To be set doun as feends! 

Think better o’ breek folk! – an’ noo 

Come oot, an’ lat’s be friends! 

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