Hughie Upon Human Conduct, pp.81-82.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Memento… moriture Delli!” – car. ii., 3. 

YOUNG man, wha at the gates o’ life 

Are bauldly pushing forward, 

Forgetna in the fash o’ strife 

That a’ your days are order’d. 

There’s mony a quest’on greatly vext, 

An’ mony a truth disputit, 

But that we a’ maun dee ‘s a text 

Nae scaptic ever dootit. 


There’s some that groan wi’ gather’d cares 

Life grief-opprest Cassandras, 

An’ some that jig like fule’s at fairs 

An’ mock like merry-Andros 

But hoo should we comport oorsels, 

As life we journey thro’ it? 

Or wha that kens will rise an’ tell ‘s 

The wisest way to view it? 


We’ll let that halesome text, as God, 

There’s little doot, design’d it, 

Come like a caution on the road 

To keep us even-mindit; 

To save us in oor prosperous days 

From insolent offending, 

An’ whisper in the midst o’ waes 

That they too have an ending. 


It ‘s no’ the pairt, but hoo we ack 

That judgment ‘ill be past on; 

It’s no’ the red coat nor the black, 

It’s no’ what we had last on. 

That – only that’s deservin’ praise 

That we hae dune oor best in; 

The place is but the player’s claes, 

The conduck is the quest’on. 

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