Hughie’s Belief in Present Duty, p.80.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Vina liques, et spatio brevi 

Spen longam reseces.” – CAR. I., II. 

IT wasna meant that mortal men 

Should read the deevil’s books to ken 

(What they can never comprehen’) 

The secret o’ their hinner en’. 


The nobler gate o’t were to spen’ 

The scriptural threescore years an’ ten, 

Or less or mair, as Heaven may sen’, 

In present duty to the en’. 


For, let us sum up what we ken; 

The present – weel, that’s oors to spen; 

The past – that canna come agen; 

The future – that’s for Heaven to len’. 


Than this, we’ll get nae farrer ben; 

An’ sae, like reasonable men, 

Let’s keep oor hopes within oor ken; 

An’ noo – produce the tappit hen! 

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