Burns’s Dancing Master, p.23.

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HE was commonly known as “Sootee Reid,” and was a native of Sorn. Erect, finely-proportioned, with well-turned limbs, very agile; he was an excellent dancer and a good fiddler. He taught dancing for many years in the west country, generally at some farmstead where there was a capacious barn, and the rustics flocked to him from all parts of the country. The Mains of Grougar was a favourite place, where the Wallaces were good musicians. 

In his latter years he lived in Kilmarnock, and taught in Bicket’s Hall. He generally wore a black suit with breeches buttoned at the knee, so that with a good pair of stockings, his well-formed jambs were shown to advantage. He boasted that he had learned Burns to dance, and according to his account Burns was no great shakes at the exercise. 

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