Tarbolton Club Rule, pp.22-23.

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BURNS was instrumental in founding the Tarbolton debating club when he was only twenty-two years of age. The tenth rule of this club is very characteristic, and is probably from the pen of Burns: 

“Every man proper for a member of this society must have a frank, honest, open heart; above anything dirty or mean; and must be a professed lover of one or more of the female sex. No haughty, self-conceited person, who looks upon himself as superior to the rest of the club, and especially no mean-spirited, worldly mortal, whose only will is to heap up money, shall upon any pretence whatever be admitted. In short, the proper person for this society is a cheerful, honest-hearted lad, who, if he has a friend that is true, and a mistress that is kind, and as much wealth as genteelly to make both ends meet, is just as happy as this world can make him.” 

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