The bonny Scot, p.20.

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To the Tune of, The Boat-man


YE gales that gently wave the sea, 

And please the canny boat-man, 

Bear me frae hence, or bring to me 

My brave, my bonny Scot – man: 

In haly bands 

We join’d our hands, 

Yet may not this discover, 

While parents rate 

A large estate, 

Before a faithfu’ lover. 


But I loor chuse in highland glens 

To herd the kid and goat – man, 

E’er I coud for sic little ends 

Refuse my bonny Scot – man. 

Wae worth the man 

Wha first began 

The base ungenerous fashion, 

Frae greedy views 

Love’s art to use, 

While strangers to its passion. 


Frae foreign fields, my lovely youth, 

Haste to thy longing lassie, 

Wha pants to press thy bawmy mouth, 

And in her bosom hawse thee. 

Love gi’es the word, 

Then haste on board, 

Fair winds and tenty boat-man, 

Waft o’er, waft o’er 

Frae yonder shore, 

My blyth, my bonny Scot – man. 

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