A Scots Cantata, pp.26.

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The Tune after an Italian manner. 


Compos’d by Signior Lorenzo Bocchi. 



BLate Jonny faintly teld fair Jean his mind; 

Jeany took pleasure to deny him lang; 

He thought her scorn came frae a heart unkind, 

Which gart him in despair tune up this sang. 



O bonny lassie, since ‘tis fae, 

That I’m despis’d by thee, 

I hate to live; but O I’m wae, 

And unko sweer to die. 

Dear Jeany, think what dowy hours 

I thole by your disdain; 

Ah! should a breast sae saft as yours, 

Contain a heart of stane? 



These tender notes did a’ her pity move, 

With melting heart she listned to the boy; 

O’ercome she smil’d, and promis’d him her love: 

He in return thus sang his rising joy. 



Hence frae my breast, contentious care, 

Ye’ve tint the power to pine? 

My Jeany’s good, my Jeany’s fair, 

And a’ her sweets are mine. 

O spread thine arms, and gi’e me fowth 

Of dear enchanting bliss, 

A thousand joys around thy mouth, 

Gi’e heaven with ilka kiss. 

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