The Toast, p.27.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

To the Tune of, Saw ye my PEGGY


COme let’s ha’e mair wine in, 

Bacchus hates repining, 

Venus loos nae dwining, 

Let’s be blyth and free. 

Away with dull, here t’ye, sir; 

Ye’re mistress, Robie gi’es her, 

We’ll drink her health wi’ pleasure, 

Wha’s belov’d by thee. 


Then let Peggy warm ye, 

That’s a lass can charm ye, 

And to joys alarm ye, 

Sweet is she to me. 

Some angel ye wad ca’ her, 

And never wish ane brawer, 

If ye bare-headed saw her 

Kiltet to the knee. 


PEGGY a dainty lass is, 

Come let’s join our glasses, 

And refresh our hauses 

With a health to thee. 

Let coofs their cash be clinking, 

Be statesmen tint in thinking, 

While we with love and drinking, 

Give our cares the lie. 

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