Dumbarton’s Drums, pp.52-53.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

DUmbarton’s Drums beat bonny – O, 

When thy mind me of my dear Jonny – O, 

How happy am I, 

When my soldier is by, 

While he kisses and blesses his Annie – O! 

‘Tis a soldier alone can delight me – O, 

For his graceful looks do invite me – O: 

While guarded in his arms, 

I’ll fear no wars alarms, 

Neither danger nor death shall e’er fright me – O. 


My love is a handsome laddie – O, 

Genteel, but ne’er foppish nor gaudy – O: 

Tho’ commissions are dear, 

Yet I’ll buy him one this year; 

For he shall serve no longer a cadie – O. 

A soldier has honour and bravery – O, 

Unacquainted with rogues and their knavery – O: 

He minds no other thing 

But the ladies or the king; 

For every other care is but slavery – O. 


Then I’ll be the captain’s lady – O 

Farewell all my friends and my daddy – O, 

I’ll wait no more at home, 

But I’ll follow with the drum, 

And when e’er that beats, I’ll be ready – O. 

Dumbarton’s drums found bonny – O, 

They are sprightly like my dear Jonny – O: 

How happy shall I be, 

When on my soldier’s knee, 

And he kisses and blesses his Annie – O! 

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