Song, p.52.

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To the Tune of, When she came ben she bobed


Come, fill me a bumper, my jolly brave boys, 

Let’s have no more female impert’nence and noise; 

For I’ve try’d the endearments and pleasures of love, 

And I find they’re but nonsence and whimsies, by Jove


When first of all Betty and I were acquaint, 

I whin’d like a fool, and she sigh’d like a saint: 

But I found her religion, her face and her love

Were hypocrisy, paint, and self-interest, by Jove


Sweet Cecil came next with her languishing air, 

Her outside was orderly, modest and fair; 

But her soul was sophisticate, so was her love

For I found she was only a strumpet, by Jove


Little double-gilt Jenny’s gold charm’d me at last: 

(You know marriage and money together does best.) 

But the baggage forgetting her vows and her love

Gave her gold to a sniv’ling dull coxcomb, by Jove


Come fill me a bumper then, jolly brave boys; 

Here’s a farewell to female impert’nence and noise: 

I know few of the sex that are worthy my love; 

And for strumpets and jilts, I abhor them, by Jove

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