Mary Scot, p.67.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

HAppy’s the love which meets return, 

When in soft flames souls equal burn; 

But words are wanting to discover 

The torments of a hopeless lover. 

Ye registers of heav’n, relate, 

If looking o’er the rolls of fate, 

Did you there see me mark’d to marrow 

Mary Scot the flower of Yarrow? 


Ah no! her form’s too heavenly fair, 

Her love the Gods above must share; 

While mortals with despair explore her, 

And at a distance due adore her. 

O lovely maid! my doubts beguile, 

Revive and bless me with a smile: 

Alas! if not, you’ll soon debar a 

Sighing swain the banks of Yarrow. 


Be hush, ye fears, I’ll not despair, 

My Mary’s tender as she’s fair; 

Then I’ll go tell her all mine anguish, 

She is too good to let me languish: 

With success crown’d, I’ll not envy 

The folks who dwell above the sky; 

When Mary Scot’s become my marrow, 

We’ll make a paradise on Yarrow

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