O’re Bogie, pp.68-69.

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I Will awa’ wi’ my love

I will awa’ wi’ her

Tho’ a’ my kin had sworn and said

I’ll o’er Bogie wi’ her

If I can get but her consent, 

I dinna care a strae; 

Tho’ ilka ane be discontent, 

Awa’ wi’ her I’ll gae. 

I will awa’, &c. 


For now she’s mistris of my heart, 

And wordy of my hand, 

And well I wat we shanna part 

For siller or for land. 

Let rakes delyte to swear and drink, 

And beaus admire fine lace, 

But my chief pleasure is to blink 

On Betty’s bony face. 

I will awa’, &c. 


There a’ the beauties do combine, 

Of colour, treats and air, 

The saul that sparkles in her een 

Makes her a jewel rare: 

Her flowing wit gives shining life 

To a’ her other charms; 

How blest I’ll be, when she’s my wife, 

And lockt up in my arms! 

I will awa’, &c. 


There blythly will I rant and sing, 

While o’er her sweets I range, 

I’ll cry, your humble servant, king, 

Shamefa’ them that wa’d change 

A kiss of Betty, and a smile, 

Abeit ye wad lay down 

The right ye hae to Britain’s isle, 

And offer me ye’r crown. 

I will awa’, &c. 

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