Ew-bughts Marion, pp.88-89.

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WILL ye go to the ew-bughts, Marion

And wear in the sheep wi me; 

The sun shines sweet, my Marion

But nae haff sae sweet as thee. 

O Marion’s a bonny lass, 

And the blyth blinks in her eye; 

And fain wad I marry Marion

Gin Marion wad marry me. 


There’s gowd in your garters, Marion

And silk on your white hauss-bane; 

Fu’ fain wad I kiss my Marion 

At e’en when I come hame. 

There’s braw lads in Earnslaw, Marion

Wha gape, and glowr with their eye, 

At kirk when they see my Marion; 

But nane of them lo’es like me. 


I’ve nine milk-ews, my Marion

A cow and a brawny quey, 

l’ll gi’e them a’ to my Marion

Just on her bridal day; 

And ye’s get a green sey apron, 

And wastcoat of the London brown, 

And wow but ye will be vap’ring, 

When e’er ye gang to the town. 


I’m young and stout, my Marion; 

Nane dances like me on the green; 

And gin ye forsake me, Marion

I’ll e’en gae draw up wi’ Jean: 

Sae put on your pearlins, Marion, 

And kyrtle of the cramasie; 

And soon as my chin has nae hair on, 

I shall come west, and see ye. 

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