The Cordial, pp.87-88.

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To the Tune of, Where shall our Goodman ly



WHere wad bonny Anne ly? 

Alane nae mair ye maun ly; 

Wad ye a goodman try? 

Is that the thing ye’re laking? 



Can a lass sae young as I, 

Venture on the bridal tie, 

Syne down with a goodman ly? 

I’m flee’d he keep me wauking. 



Never judge until ye try, 

Mak me your goodman, I 

Shanna hinder you to ly, 

And sleep till ye be weary. 



What if I shou’d wauking ly, 

When the hoboys are gawn by, 

Will ye tent me when I cry, 

My dear, I’m faint and iry? 



In my bosom thou shall ly, 

When thou waukrife art or dry, 

Healthy cordial standing by, 

Shall presently revive thee. 



To your will I then comply, 

Join us, priest, and let me try 

How I’ll wi’ a goodman ly 

Wha can a cordial give me. 

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