Bonny Bessie, pp.105-106.

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Tune, Bessy’s Haggies


BESSY’s beauties shine sae bright, 

Were her many vertues fewer, 

She wad ever give delight, 

And in transport make me view her. 

Bonny Bessy, thee alane 

Love I, naithing else about thee; 

With thy comeliness I’m tane, 

And langer cannot live without thee. 


BESSY’s bosom’s saft and warm, 

Milk-white fingers still employ’d, 

He who takes her to his arm, 

Of her sweets can ne’er be cloy’d. 

My dear Bessy, when the roses 

Leave thy cheek, as thou grows aulder, 

Vertue, which thy mind discloses, 

Will keep love frae growing caulder. 


BESSY‘s tocher is but scanty, 

Yet her face and soul discovers 

These inchanting sweets in plenty 

Must intice a thousand lovers. 

It’s not money, but a woman 

Of a temper kind and easy, 

That gives happiness uncommon, 

Petted things can nought but teez ye. 

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