The Malt-Man, p.105.

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THE malt-man comes on Munday

He craves wonder fair, 

Cries, dame, come gi’e me my siller

Or malt ye sall ne’er get mair

I took him into the pantry, 

And gave him some good cock-broo, 

Syne paid him upon a gantree, 

As hostler wives should do. 


When malt-men come for siller, 

And gaugers with wands o’er soon, 

Wives, tak them a’ down to the cellar, 

And clear them as I have done. 

This bewith, when cunzie is scanty, 

Will keep them frae making din, 

The knack I learn’d frae an auld aunty, 

The snackest of a’ my kin. 


The malt-man is right cunning, 

But I can be as slee, 

And he may crack of his winning, 

When he clears scores with me: 

For come when he likes, I’m ready; 

But if frae hame I be, 

Let him wait on our kind lady, 

She’ll answer a bill for me. 

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