The Quadruple Alliance, pp.116-117.

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Tune, Jocky blyth and gay


SWIFT, Sandy, Young and Gay

Are still my hearts delight, 

I sing their sangs by day, 

And read their tales at night. 

If frae their books I be, 

‘Tis dullness then with me; 

But when these stars appear, 

Jokes, smiles and wit shine clear. 


SWIFT with uncommon stile, 

And wit that flows with ease, 

Instructs us with a smile, 

And never fails to please. 

Bright Sandy greatly sings 

Of heroes, Gods and kings: 

He well deserves the bays, 

And ev’ry Briton’s praise. 


While thus our Homer shines; 

Young, with Horacian flame, 

Corrects these false designs 

We push in love of fame. 

Blyth Gay in pawky strains, 

Makes villains, clowns and swains 

Reprove, with biting leer, 

Those in a higher sphere. 


SWIFT, Sandy, Young, and Gay

Long may you give delight; 

Let all the dunces bray, 

You’re far above their spite: 

Such, from a malice sour, 

Write nonsence, lame and poor, 

Which never can succeed, 

For, who the trash will read? 

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