Jocky blyth and gay, pp.164-165.

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BLyth Jocky young and gay, 

Is all my heart’s delight; 

He’s all my talk by day, 

And all my dreams by night. 

If from the lad I be, 

‘Tis winter then with me; 

But when he tarries here, 

‘Tis summer all the year. 


When I and Jocky met 

First on the flowry dale, 

Right sweetly he me tret, 

And love was all his tale. 

You are the lass, said he, 

That staw my heart frae me; 

O ease me of my pain, 

And never shaw disdain. 


Well can my Jocky kyth 

His love and courtesie, 

He made my heart full blyth 

When he first spake to me. 

His suit I ill deny’d, 

He kiss’d, and I comply’d, 

Sae Jocky promis’d me, 

That he wad faithful be. 


I’m glad when Jocky comes, 

Sad when he gangs away; 

‘Tis night when Jocky glooms, 

But when he smiles ‘tis day. 

When our eyes meet, I pant, 

I colour, sigh and faint; 

What lass that wad be kind, 

Can better tell her mind? 

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