Song, pp.171-172.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

To the absent FLORINDA. 


To the Tune of, Queen of Sheba’s March


COme, Florinda, lovely charmer, 

Come and fix this wav’ring heart; 

Let those eyes my soul rekindle, 

Ere I feel some foreign dart. 


Come and with thy smiles secure me, 

If this heart be worth thy care, 

Favoured by my dear Florinda

I’ll be true, as she is fair. 


Thousand beauties trip around me, 

And my yielding breast assail; 

Come and take me to thy bosom, 

Ere my constant passion fail. 


Come and, like the radiant morning, 

On my soul serenely shine, 

Then those glimmering stars shall vanish, 

Lost in splendor more divine. 


Long this heart has been thy victim, 

Long has felt the pleasing pain, 

Come, and with an equal passion 

Make it ever thine remain. 


Then, my charmer, I can promise, 

If our souls in love agree, 

None in all the upper dwellings 

Shall be happier than we. 

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