What’s that to you, pp.170-171.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

To the Tune of, The glancing of her Apron


MY Jeany and I have toil’d 

The live lang simmer day, 

‘Till we amaist were spoiled 

At making of the hay: 

Her kurchy was of holland clear, 

Ty’d on her bony brow, 

I whispered something in her ear; 

But what’s that to you? 


Her stockings were of Kersy green, 

As tight as ony silk: 

O sic a leg was never seen, 

Her skin was white as milk; 

Her hair was black as ane cou’d wish, 

And sweet, sweet was her mou, 

O! Jeany daintylie can kiss; 

But what’s that to you? 


The rose and lilly baith combine, 

To make my Jeany fair, 

There is nae bennison like mine, 

I have amaist nae care; 

Only I fear my Jeany’s face, 

May cause mae men to rew, 

And that may gar me say, alas! 

But what’s that to you? 


Conceal thy beauties, if thou can 

Hide that sweet face of thine, 

That I may only be the man 

Enjoys these looks divine. 

O do not prostitute, my dear, 

Wonders to common view, 

And I with faithful heart shall swear, 

For ever to be true. 


King Solomon had wives anew, 

And mony a concubine; 

But I enjoy a bless mair true, 

His joys were short of mine; 

And Jeany’s happier than they, 

She seldom wants her due, 

All debts of love to her I pay, 

And what’s that to you? 

Old Songs with Additions

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